Mission Statement

     The Holy Will will strive to serve the world by providing knowledgeable Christian sermons, readings and lessons by an on-line service seven days a week in the comfort of your own home. The primary motive is to promote spiritual growth using the word of God to exercise and transform the listener seeking God into a personal relationship with our savior. The sermons and readings are free, yet the lessons will cost a low price in order to increase the ministry, pay for daily living expenses and offer a valuable service. THW will seek ways for the company as a whole to contribute in substantial and meaningful profits to the greater good of the community.

Executive Summary

Description of Business Concept

     The Holy Will (THW) is an exclusive gospel and influential service that ministers to all Christians.

Legal Form of Company

     THW is a sole propriertership and Jason Valentin owns 100% of the business. The company is registered in the state of Florida.


     THW will operate a national on-line ministry service throughout the world. America is a pilgrim founded, Christian based environment. The country’s majority prohibits the sway of demonic ignorance, oppression and sorrow. THW enlightens differences by self awareness through the NATURE of its spirit of truth. The world has a high percentage of civilians that use computers to communicate globally.

Unique Qualities of Business

     THW is a ministering service with a distinct advantage over many bible study courses. It offers a state to state, one accord, and sound mind habitation with detailed spiritual interpretations in every verse. THW makes use of the truths simplicity to ensure the best possible service at a low cost. It also features line for line VERSE for VERSE scriptural references to review the verses given and to understand the sermon more in-depth. THW professor has earned a commendation as Ambassador of God's word from the anointing of the Holy Ghost.


     THW objective is to service tens of thousands of customers each day every month. This level of sales volume should generate monthly sales revenue in the millions. The multi sales potential each month increases THW's investments to promote public speeches, food drives, and entertainment promotions [ETC] worldwide. THW can service millions of customers per day while operating daily on-line. The maximum capacity has an unlimited connection. Profitability is highest when each viewer attends the services of the Holy Will and enjoys the lectures. THW will seek to meet its objectives by delivering prophesied messages to church goers while ensuring maximum profits.

Summary of Capitalization

     THW will secure itself from county to country. The owner will receive proceeds for the management performed and forgo disbursements of profits to facilitate reinvestments and expansion worldwide. The low cost fees for the lessons will help expansion of THW's ministry.

Exit Strategy

     Jason Valentin plans to operate the company continually and increase profit through world telecommunication web network services. Mr. Valentin owns and operates the company and will keep its record structure in persistent order.


Brief Service Description

     The Holy Will offers scriptural truth to all viewers. The service is available daily at a low rate. All malfunctions are inspected and noted to the server. The minister will also have an eBook in the near future.

The Demand

     THW research has indentified various manifesting factors that influence the customer's decision to employ the service. The service provides knowledge to adults and their children willing to learn the word of God and grow spiritually. The following is a list of the factors that listeners consider:

   1. Is the word spoken faithfully and true?

   2. Does it claim that Jesus is the son of God?

   3. The contents, the communication and level of understanding of the professor.

   4. How long does it last? What are its features?

   5. Can the listener learn anything if he/she does not read or go to church?

     A customer is most likely to continue studying with the service when they are convinced that THW offers truths about God's word. When customers recognize that THW can minister daily to them at the comforts of their home, some will be less weary and more likely to go on-line.


Jason Valentin