My Testimony

Hello my name is Jason Valentin. I was born in East New York, Brooklyn in 1976, an only child. I am a full blooded Puerto Rican with no kids and was raised Catholic, even had a Godfather. I believed in Jesus my whole life and never once differed from the truth. I never practiced any occult religions or rituals. I played a prison made version of Dungeons and Dragons once just to play. I lost and never played again. When I was around 9 years old I had a dark vision of a red cloudy fog and people marching underneath the fog. From the age of 9 and up until the age of 19 I've never had that experience happen again, but at the age of 19 it re-occurred in real time déjà-vu.

It all began when I was working for a family owned pizzeria shop in Spring Hill Florida at the age of 18. During the summer of 1994 I moved to Tampa with a girl and met some musicians. I was unaware that this specific group of people was rich in magic because their music was about Zion and taught parables of YHWH. As I moved back to Spring Hill I continued to work for the family. It was in March of 1995 [HEBREWS 10:32] that I remembered illuminating in Spirit [2 CORINTHIANS 12:2] whether in or out of the body I could not tell, only YHWH knew. I felt as if YHWH [JOEL 2:28] had poured out his Spirit on me so that His [1 JOHN 2:27] anointing [MATTHEWS 5:16] can shine as a light before men, as I continue to do this day. At that present time I was unaware that I was [2 CORINTHIAN 12:12] a sign and wonder to all human beings and yet up until this day no one has declared unto me this truth or has entertained me.

In October 1995 I was sentence to 6 years in state prison. Inside [HEBREWS 10:31-35] I endured a great fight of afflictions and was considered a gazing stock. I was rejected for not [1 PETER 4:4] running with them in the same excess of riot. I was despised [JOHN 7:6] because my time was not yet come and their time was always ready, not that I was [ROMANS 12:16] high-minded above others because my God YHWH was with me, but I understood my Lord's favor toward me. I also tried several times to commit suicide. It was [ISAIAH 53:12] this type of spoil I received for being too strong, as I [2 TIMOTHY 2:3] endured hardness as a good soldier of Christ Jesus who was preparing me to [REVELATION 2:26-28] to overcome so that I may rule the nations with a rod of iron and be given the morning star, as I [PSALMS 23:4] walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

During my 6 years of imprisonment I had maybe read the New Testament Holy Bible once and had only a few favorite scriptures. When I was released I continued in my old ways as Jonah, who decided to go the other way, yet I thanked YHWH through Jesus Christ daily. I would even go to Saint Francis Cabrini Catholic church by myself to talk with YHWH. For the next 6 years I fell further from the knowledge of YHWH and closer to understanding the very end of myself. I sold drugs in big quantity and had it good. Yes I had tasted the ballers life.

In 2008 I was re-incarserated for my old way of life and from that day forth began reading the New Testament Scriptures non-stop. I saw one of the worst prisons stop killing for months. I didn’t even get into one fist fight during my ignorance of trying to overcome. I have even seen how YHWH delivered me from cutting myself. [2 CORINTHIANS 4:4]  Once blinded by the god of this world, the light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ shined unto me and the [1 PETER 1:12] Angels looked in. YHWH's [1 JOHN 2:27] anointing taught me [COLOSIANS 2:2] understanding in order to acknowledge his mysteries. [MATTHEWS 13:52]  As scribe instructed unto the kingdom of heaven I built my house bringing forth treasure acceptable to YHWH [ROMAN 12:1] presenting my body a living sacrifice against the world.

Therefore I return as servant the prophet "Jacob", the 7th angel "Michael” the Remnant Seed and await YHWH to increase me so I can preach and travel, helping others around the world. [JOHN 14:12] If I be HE who does such great works in Christ [ROMAN 11:16] as lump of the root which is holy, then according to your faith you too may be cured by the Father YHWH who works through me, his strange tongue. Yet I cannot tell your visions of YHWH's work and what you practice and believe in [ROMAN 3:4] but let "YHWH" be true and everyman a liar.

Therefore YHWH blesses you all and don’t sleep in the power of the Holy Ghost through Jesus Christ I pray.  AMEN

                                                                                                                              TRULY YOURS

                                                                                                                                  Jason Valentin